Dear visitors,
With high sense of responsibility for our guests and our staff, Metropol Hotel Larissa, is following specific rules regarding Covid-19, as security remains our top priority.
All this time, as we have been waiting to welcome you again, we made research and studied all the ways to ensure hygiene in our hotel.
With cooperation and positive thinking we are able to welcome you again!
We inform our dear customers about the opening of Metropol Hotel in Larissa, observing all the foreseen health and safety protocols of EODY (National Public Health Organization) and the Ministry of Tourism, in its premises.

The restart of our hotel will be done with the following adjustments:

1. Cleaning-Disinfection
• Maintaining a cleaning and disinfection program, according to 19954 / 20.03.2020 of the Ministry of Health “Measures of cleaning and disinfection in places and surfaces during the evolution of the pandemic of SARS-CoV2” (6ΚΨ6465ΦΥΟ-1ΝΔ).
• Sanitary services in all public areas and especially in “high risk” objects (ex. electricity buttons, elevator)
• Cleaning and disinfection in ventilation and air conditioning filters
• Natural ventilation.
• Choosing a policy between regular cleaning and waiting 24 hours before the room is available to customers
• Regular cleaning and disinfection of toilets (and its equipment) of customers and staff, with appropriate antibacterial cleansing.
• Removal of decorative objects (pillows, bedding). Removal of shared objects for multiple use, such as menus, magazines, etc.
• Informing the customers about when and how the room was cleaned
• Antiseptic fluids (63-70% alcohol) in each room or antiseptic device
• Disinfection of keycards and keys

2. Keeping Distances

• Marking distances in restaurants, bars and other public areas
• Electronic information is provided for the smooth flow of visitors to public areas with the defined distances of the Health Protocols.

3. Individual Hygiene and Health
• Training of all staff in preventive measures, personal hygiene, the use of health protocols and new way of working.
• Use of gloves & mask. Frequent change of these.
• Permanent cooperation with an Agency for the provision of health services.
• Dispenser with hand sanitizer (63-70% alcohol) are placed in key places for visitors.
• Dispenser with hand sanitizer (63-70% alcohol) are placed in the workplace of all staff.
• Training for management of Covid-19 case, based on Health Protocols.

4. Food Safety
• Receipt of goods by staff using health protocols
• Cleaning and disinfection of all kitchen, restaurant and bar equipment.
• Extending the time that the restaurants are open.
• Control of stored foods to ensure their hygiene.
• HACCP certification

5. Compliance with the instructions of the competent bodies
We closely monitor the suggestions of the competent bodies as well as the Health Protocols.

For the purposes of public health protection actions, the address / administration of the accommodation we keep a record of the staff members and all the people who stayed at the Hotel such as – name, nationality, date of arrival and departure, contact details (address, telephone, e-mail), to make it possible to communicate with close contact with any COVID-19 impact, which may be identified afterwards.
Attention is paid to the General Regulation on Personal Data Protection (GDPR) and all our visitors are informed that a file is kept for reasons of protection of public health.