Live a non-stop adventure in Thessaly

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Θεσσαλία, Ελλάδα

1st Day: Arrive

Arrival at the Airport (Thessaloniki/Anchialos). Bus transfer to Larissa. Check in at Metropol Hotel. Rest.

2nd Day: Hiking

Olympus – Mytikas in 1 day!
On the Elassona side, in one day we can conquer one of the world’s only peaks, Mytikas! The route begins with the destination of Kalyvia village and then to the new shelter of Christaki located at 2.450 meters. A special but difficult route for 16km (about 40min) which give us a beautiful trip at the center of Olympus. Canyons, steep slopes, wild goats and horses on our way to the shelter! At the shelter we will drink fresh Greek tea and after that we will start to go to Skala place (1,5-2 hours) and then to the highest peak of Olympus (Mytikas) about 1,5hour. This ascent gives us the feeling that we are embracing the whole Greece! The descent to the shelter is about 1,5-2 hours and we will have plenty of choices to eat and also we can take a bath at the beach.

Duration of hiking: 6-7 hours

3rd Day: Canyoning

Canyoning at Kalypso Canyon (Kissavos)
Canyoning for the many: “Kalypso” Canyon: the view of the dream-like 100m-waterfall of “Kalypso” is a magnet for every children and adult. Our guides will take you via a prompt hiking route(about 20min) at the base of the waterfall to swim in the biggest of its lakes and then will guide you back to the start by descending three successive waterfalls about 20-40m.

Duration: 5-6 hours

4th Day: Multi activities

Former Royal Forest/ Forest of Polidendri
A royal path with trekking-small rappel-crossing a ravine and swimming
In the centre of Fables, Traditions and History, the former Royal forest of Polidendri, extent of thirty-five thousands of acres, causes his visitors to participate in a wonderful “travel” in the green Mavrovouni. The beautiful Polydendri Forest, is one of the most organized forests of our country (marked paths, bicycle paths, picnic areas), where there are still wild boars, deer, hares, wild cats and where in 1991 the rare feline species Lyxx was observed. The variety of its flora and fauna and the mild general slopes of the soil makes it a place of great interest, offering for pleasure, relaxation, rejuvenation and numerous activities.
With start the forest we will take a path for 1,5 hours and we will reach at Mpoyrmpoylithra’s stream. We will wear neopren clothes and get inside for swimming and a small rapel in that beautiful landscape. 500 meters away we will visit a farmhouse where will create our lunch and with our experiential participation in milking we will create our own sweet-cream. At the same time during our stay in the estate we can indulge in the sport of archery.

5th Day: Meteora

Touch the Sky
We start from Larissa and head to Meteora. The hike starts from Kastraki square and after a while we enter the trail. We pass under the
ruined monastery of Pantocrator on the north side of the Ntoupianis rock. The route reaches
the abandoned and restored Monastery of the Ipapanti and the statue of the hero of
revolution Papathymios Vlahavas.
From there, the trail leads to the top of the cliffs until we reach the impressive monasteries
of Great Meteor and Varlaam. Then we return to Kastraki passing the cave of St. George
Mandila where every yearhikers climb to hang their scarves.
Lunch at a traditional restaurant in Kalambaka.

6th Day: Plastira lake

A peaceful trip
We start from Larissa and head towards Plastira Lake.
Our route starts from the village Neraida. The trail we will follow is the old path the locals used to transport goods between the villages of the Lake. It is surrounded by fir and oak and if we are lucky we will see forest animals such as squirrels, badgers turtles etc. The springs of the forest are ideal places to make stops.
After about 1.30 hours we reach Neohori where our hike ends. Lunch at a traditional tavern in Plastira Lake.

7th day: Sightseeing day in Larissa

After breakfast, we start our tour of the city of Larissa, with stops at the Ancient Theatre, the Fort and a visit at the museums. Then we will have free time for walks or shopping

8th day: Pelion

After breakfast we depart for Tsagarada, Pelion. After our check in in Aglaida –Hotel we will have time to relax in one of Tsagaradas beautiful squares and prepare ourselves for a new adventurous week.

9th day: Hiking

Milies – Tsagarada
The more traditional route of Pilio covers a large section of the main stone path which connects the Pagasitic Gulf with the northeast coast of the peninsula and that for centuries functioned as the main connecting and commercial axis for the isolated villages of Pelion. We use the public transportation to get to Milies. In the central square of Milies and before we go on we stop in a typical Kafenion where we will have the chance to taste Greek coffee.
Duration: 4.30 – 5.00 hours with stops.  for Group 1-4 people

10th day: Saints Taxiarchs – Vigla (tis kourouplias to kotroni)

A mountain and forest path.
From the Saint Taxiarches Square in Tsagarada, we will ascend to the slopes above the settlement. We will cross a beautiful forest, which at its beginning is full of chestnuts and less berries and oaks, and then the beeches become dominant of the landscape.

Going up, we will visit the chapel of Prophet Elias, and after about two hours of total hiking, we will reach Vigla ‘s place – or “tis kourouplias to kotroni” , as the oldest know it – at an altitude of 1250m. The view from this point is magnificent. Thanks to east to southwest orientation, you can see the central and southern Pelion, the Sporades as well as the gorge of Mylopotamos .
On our return we will visit the chapel of Agios Athanasios of Athonite (Athonas), where we will cool down before the last part of the return.

Duration: about 3 ½ – 4.00 hours
Lunch Break

Afternoon Horse Riding

11th Day: Canyoning

Canyon of Centaurs A
Canyon of Centaurs tour is the secret paradise of Centaurs, funny and appropriate for discovering the activity of canyoning. It is located at Kissos village and it is practicable April till October.
Jumps (3 of 6m MAX – optional), swim, natural water slides, rappels (26m maximum),wonderful sequences of plants-covered, discovery and sporty descents with lots of fun.
This is a Canyon for everyone, children of 8 years of age minimum required.
If you have never practiced before, Canyon of Centaurs will make you addicted to sporty descents outdoor leisure.
Or if you are already experienced, Canyon of Centaurs is a good start.
Canyoning trip duration: 6 hrs

12th day: Horse riding

Panagiotiko dam route
A 2 to 3 hrs route in a magnificent scenery alongside the river Mpelegrino. We reach Kala Nera Beach, through olive groves and move on to settlement Buffa (Koropi) a huge sandy beach of Pagasitikos Bay, fully equipped, with leisure facilities ideal for swimming. Galloping or trotting on horseback we arrive at the Panagiwtiko dam, we stop for a while (15 minutes) at the top so as to enjoy the breathtaking view of Pagasitikos Bay.

13th day: Hiking

Small Tour of Tsagarada
From the Saint Taxiarches Square, we cross a large section of the village to the square of Agia Paraskevi with the thousand-year-old plane tree, one of the 5 largest in Europe. In the cafe of the square we can enjoy local tsipouro or some traditional spoon sweet.
On the way we learn about the history and the tradition of the place and we know the village’s spatial planning through a varied field with aristocratic urban areas dominating traditional mansions with lush gardens and ravines in chestnut trees and plane trees.
Then we climb to the mountainous part of the village, where through the path and small sections of forest road we cross the chestnut tree to return to the point where we started.
(It is possible to adapt the route according to the wishes and capabilities of the team, adding sections – such as the top of Koutras with the wonderful view to the gorge of Mylopotamos or the chapel of Prophet Elias – or removing – as our ascension to the mountain where we have an altitude difference of about 160 m.
We also have customization capabilities during hiking.)
Duration: 3.00 – 3.30 hours with stops for Group 1-4 people

14th day: Botany Workshop

A unique seminar in practical botany
We will start off from Aglaida apartments and head down the stone-paved path that leads to Damouchari beach. There we will have the opportunity to introduce ourselves with the unique local flora and have a swim. So, after three hours hiking and an hour swimming on Damouchari beach we return to the Aglaida apartments where we will learn to prepare herbal oil extracts for everyday use in our kitchen and traditional herbal ointments with cosmetic and therapeutic properties. At the end of the course we take home our own hand made creams, oils and salts. Finally, we taste vegetarian homemade snacks and drinks .

15th day: Departure

After breakfast, we depart for Thessaloniki, Macedonia Airport or Aghialos Airport inThessaly to catch our return flight.

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