Kissavos a paradise on eath for nature lovers

Special Tour 8 days Available from: 2018-08-01
Ossa Oros, Νέσσωνας 400 06, Ελλάδα

1st Day: Arrive

Arrival at the Airport (Thessaloniki/Anchialos). Bus transfer to Larissa. Check in at Metropol Hotel.

2nd Day: Hiking

Olympus – Mytikas in 1 day!
On the Elassona side, in one day we can conquer one of the world’s only peaks, Mytikas!! Meeting point Elassona. The route begins with the destination of Kalyvia village and then to the new shelter of Christaki located at 2.450 meters. A special but difficult route for 16km (about 40min) which give us a beautiful trip at the center of Olympus. Canyons, steep slopes, wild goats and horses on our way to the shelter! At the shelter we will drink fresh Greek tea and after that we will start to go to Skala place (1,5-2 hours) and then to the highest peak of Olympus (Mytikas) about 1,5hour. This ascent gives us the feeling that we are embracing the whole Greece! The descent to the shelter is about 1,5-2 hours and we will have plenty of choices to eat and also we can take a bath at the beach.

High difficult level/ Good physical condition
Duration of hiking: 6-7 hours

3rd Day: Canyoning

Kalypso Canyon (Kissavos)
Canyoning for the many: “Kalypso” Canyon: the view of the dream-like 100m-waterfall of “Kalypso” is a magnet for every children and adult. Our guides will take you via a prompt hiking route(about 20min) at the base of the waterfall to swim in the biggest of its lakes and then will guide you back to the start by descending three successive waterfalls about 20-40m.

Duration: 5-6 hours

4th Day: Multi activities

Former Royal Forest/ Forest of Polidendri
A royal path with trekking-small rappel-crossing a ravine and swimming
In the centre of Fables, Traditions and History, the former Royal forest of Polidendri, extent of thirty-five thousands of acres, causes his visitors to participate in a wonderful “travel” in the green Mavrovouni. The beautiful Polydendri Forest, is one of the most organized forests of our country (marked paths, bicycle paths, picnic areas), where there are still wild boars, deer, hares, wild cats and where in 1991 the rare feline species Lyxx was observed. The variety of its flora and fauna and the mild general slopes of the soil makes it a place of great interest, offering for pleasure, relaxation, rejuvenation and numerous activities.
With start the forest we will take a path for 1,5 hours and we will reach at Mpoyrmpoylithra’s stream. We will wear neopren clothes and get inside for swimming and a small rapel in that beautiful landscape. 500 meters away we will visit a farmhouse where will create our lunch and with our experiential participation in milking we will create our own sweet-cream. At the same time during our stay in the estate we can indulge in the sport of archery.

Duration: 6-7 hours

5th Day: River trekking / Flying Fox & Archery

River trekking in Tsuvala / Flying Fox & Archery
Discover the mountainous village Melivia in South-eastern hillside’s of Kisavos, that has symbol the Filoktiti, fabulous king and hero of Troy’s war. Our escorts will lead you for River Trekking to the beautiful path “Tsuvala” that begins under the village. A natural way at length of stream, with wooden bridges, waterfalls and suitably shaped points for rest. In the end of way, after 2.30 hours roughly, we will pass air the stream with flying fox, we will be delivered in the sport of archery, and we will enjoy the barbeque that the persons of Trekking Hellas will have prepared for us.

Duration 4-5 hours

6th Day: Bus Tour

Explore Kissavos / Hiking to the peak
We will cross the mountain with Trekking Hellas bus along our way we’ll find river walks, forest roads, we’ll visit the mansions, monasteries and other sights of the area. At the place where the mountain blends with the sea, history with legend, culture with tradition. we will travel among Kissavos (Ossa mountain), we will see the beauty, the flora and fauna of the area.

Indicative route: Velika-Agiokampos-Agia-Metaxoxhori-Megalovryso-Anatoli(Coffee break at the monastery)-Spilia-Kanalos-Arioprino-Karitsa-Kokkino Nero( spa bath at the springs)-Koytsoypia-Palioyria-Velika

At Kanalos we will visit the mountain shelter where we’ll start our hiking (1,5 hours) to the peak of mountain (1978m).

(Alternative route: Kokkino Nero-Kanalos-peak of Kissavos-Spilia-Anatoli-Metaxochori-Velika-Kokkino Nero)

7th Day: Canoe

Canoe and Crab fishing in Peneus River
A calm, but entirely entertaining descent into the rich waters of the Peneus to the mouth of the Aegean Sea. A tour that brings us into contact with the mythology of the region and the rich flora and fauna of the wetland. We will observe the bird fauna of the region, herons and cormorants who with their presence keep alive Delta. Will pass from the picturesque port of Palaiopyrgos a shelter for all the fishing boats in the region. We will see the small islands formed in the delta. Estuary will paddle for about three hundred meters out to sea before the vast sandy beach at point Strintzos where we indulge in the sport of archery. Before the end of the activity we will try to fish “blue crabs” which are known in this area. After that we will have a coffee break and snacks at Trekking Hellas cabin. Then we will return at the port of Stomio or Agiokampos and we will cook our crab pasta with the chef of the restaurant. Always accompanied by a local Greek drink.

Duration: All day

8th Day: Departure

After breakfast, we depart for Thessaloniki, Macedonia Airport or Aghialos Airport in Thessaly to catch our return flight.

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